People are moving toward more environmentally friendly products and services due to concerns about the health of our planet. In our quest to preserve the environment, there are not many things that have been left behind, from cars to toilets. Smart toilets have emerged in recent years to be not only more environmentally friendly, but also more sanitary. They are designed to save water and clean the user without the need for toilet paper. These smart toilets also come with features that are unavailable on traditional toilets. Ecoair offers different options, but perhaps the best and “smartest toilet” is The Throne. 

Apart from being smart, The Throne is also an odorless toilet! This makes for a much more pleasant experience than using a regular old toilet. When you purchase this particular model, you also get the following:

  • Ecoair odorless system
  • Automatic opening and closing toilet seat and lid
  • Automatic flush
  • Dual-phase symphonic flush
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Bidet dual-phase self-cleaning massage with temperature control
  • Air dryer with temperature control
  • Soothing LED bowl light

The material that makes up The Throne is ceramic for the base, and PP/UF for the seat (basically meaning plastic or Urea Formaldehyde). The Throne requires a standard 15 amp outlet. A GFI 15 amp outlet is the best. All of these features in one model and sure that you will never have to touch another toilet again. 

Why Odorless Toilets Matter

odorless toilet technologyWhen you live in the home with other people, the chances of you encountering bad smells as you go into the bathroom to use the toilet are high. Sprays and fresheners just don’t quite do the job of masking this odor, and when you really have to go, it can be quite uncomfortable to wait around for the smell to dissipate. Not only can a smelly bathroom steer adults away from using the toilet, but it can also interrupt the difficult process of potty-training a toddler. Also, there’s nothing quite like going to perform your morning hygiene routine in a room that smells just like poop. Well, the Ecoair odorless system is designed to remove pathogens and odors at the source. This eliminates all of those problems before they ever start. 

The odorless system works like this: to start off, you have a built in fan that’s part of the toilet. Then you have a strategically placed hole that vents the hazardous odors and airborne fecal material thanks to the seal you make when you sit down. The process happens from beginning to end without using any chemicals, sprays, or oils.  Not only is The Throne smart, but it is also Green! 

You may think that a toilet like this would come with high energy costs, however it only uses three watts of energy per year, operates quietly, and is easy to install. The Throne has a beautiful, intelligently professional design that is sure to match any theme you may have in your bathroom. Diminutive and obsequious, The Throne fits comfortably in most bathrooms and functions very well. So, is this the smartest smart toilet around? We sure think so! 

Learn More About Our Smart Toilet

By going to the Ecoair website you can download the manual, the installation instructions, the remote control programming guide, and the spec sheet. You can read all about The Throne and make an informed purchase that you can be happy with for the rest of your life. Ecoair truly is concerned with sanitation and the environment. When you purchase The Throne, you get not only function and beauty, but you also get to experience a level of sophisticated engineering that is unparalleled by any of the competition out there. 

Located in Ammon, Idaho, Ecoair is dedicated to reaching for perfection in all their products, to giving you the best service around, and to guaranteeing your satisfaction with your new toilet. They have many happy customers and are looking to add you to that list. Visit today and browse their catalog of information, look at the styles they have available. Examine The Throne and see why it is the best toilet out there. We think you will agree that The Throne is the smartest, smart toilet around!