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USPTO Patent# 11293172
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The Loo LT – The Ultimate Experience

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Aschli Taylor, COO of EcoAir Odorless Toilets and Systems, talks about the origin of EcoAir and how our technology is revolutionizing the bathroom experience!

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The Jon – Classic, Odorless

Feel & Use the Best

Experience an odorless system that exceeds anything you will ever experience. The Odorless Toilet is something you will never be able to replace after using it.

Fully Odorless Forever
Simple & Elegant
USA Based Company
Aesthetic Design

“I’m going to start this by saying, BUY THIS! You’re absolutely worth the investment! Most women want a Louis Vuitton purse, I wanted The Throne, and trust me, its unbelievable. In fact, when I move, I’m going to take this toilet with me to my next house. Not only is this a great looking toilet, but it gets you cleaner than you’ve ever felt before. I love my toilet. Who would ever think I would say such a thing?!”

– Lindsay, Boise ID


I didn’t realize what I was missing out on until I tried Ecoair’s throne toilet. I absolutely love all the various features each toilet has to offer. The heated seat when you sit down is so inviting, I love the light feature so no more guessing where your toilet is in the middle of the night.  My favorite feature is the warm water bidet. I’ve never felt so clean after using the restroom.  No more courtesy flushes, with the toilets built in fan filtering system, it eliminates any odors after each flush- yay!  Working with Ecoair and their top notch customer service has been a true pleasure. I’m one very happy client who highly recommends Ecoair toilets to everyone!

As made a trip to Idaho from Utah to meet with Aschli Taylor and her staff to learn more about her business and family’s new product and aspirations. What I found was people who really wanted make a positive influence  in the world. These people are truly passionate about their product and those people who they deal with. You would be most fortunate to work with Aschli Taylor and her staff.

Jerry Vail, Heartland Payment Systems

We love our Ecoair. The heated seat is very comfortable. The bidet is refreshing and keeps the bottom clean. Also there is less irritation and saves on toilet paper!

Rose Taylor

We recently had an Ecoair odor free Throne installed. We love the odor free and there is nothing like sitting down on an amazingly heated toilet seat! My husband and I have both used the cleansing system and will never go back to not having these features and more in any toilet! We strongly recommend Ecoair for any household.

Thayne and Pamela Barrie


Financing available through Heartland Payment Systems.