We don’t often equate luxury with a toilet. However, we really think that you should. There are a number of smart toilets out there, but perhaps none so luxurious as The Throne from Ecoair. If you could imagine your perfect toilet; one that you didn’t have to touch, one that you didn’t have to smell, and one that would even clean you thoroughly after you were done, you might come up with something just like The Throne. This fantastic new odorless toilet comes with so many amazing features!

Smart and Odorless Toilets are Here!

Bad smells from toilet use can often linger for a while, and slowly invade the rest of your home. Ecoair offers the odorless toilet. How is it done? The answer is their unique odorless system. To start off, you have a built in fan that’s part of the toilet. Then you have a strategically placed hole that vents the offending odors thanks to the seal you make when you sit down. The process happens from beginning to end without using any chemicals, sprays, or oils. This is a truly green process. No more smelling the remnants of a bathroom trip. 

Can You Say Touch Free Toilet?

As if being odorless wasn’t enough, the toilet comes equipped with automatic closing and opening lid. As soon as you sit on the temperature-controlled heated seat, the sensors indicate to the system that someone is there and so the odorless system activates. This magical toilet also comes with a soothing LED bowl light. As soon as you are done, the built-in bidet starts working. This is a dual-phase, self-cleaning massage bidet with temperature control. Once you are clean, the warming air dryer with temperature control kicks in. And even if this wasn’t enough, the great news is that all you need is a standard 15 amp outlet, although a GFI 15 amp outlet is preferred. The base of The Throne smart toilet is made out of ceramic, and the seat is made out of PP/UF material.

The Throne Odorless Toilet - Smart Toilet TechnologyAs you probably have gathered, this is a toilet that you don’t have to touch with your hands to use. This makes it just that much more sanitary than a regular toilet. And speaking of sanitary, as an extra bonus, The Throne works to eliminate airborne pathogens and fecal matter as well as odors. This is thanks to our odorless system that evacuates the lingering airborne fecal matter. With regular toilets, these airborne pathogens and fecal matter can stay in the air for a while and settle on any surface in the bathroom. Because the fan directs all of the air into the tank, this problem is gone, and so are the pathogens.

Some other great features of the toilet include a small stature, which makes it easy to fit into nearly any bathroom with room to spare. because you don’t have to touch the toilet with your hands, it greatly reduces the number of germs and microorganisms that you get on your hands when you go to the bathroom on a regular toilet. Remember, you should always wash your hands after using the bathroom regardless of what you are using. If you go to theodorlesstoilet.com, you can download the manual, the installation instructions, the remote control programming guide, and the spec sheet. 

Get The Throne for Your Home!

All of this wonderful technology makes it so that not only do you not have to touch your toilet with your hands when you go, but you are also not ever bothered by bad smells in your bathroom and throughout your house. You can be sure that when you go to the bathroom to do your hygiene routine, brush your teeth, take a bath, or do anything else you need to do in there, you will not be confronted with a wall of odor. The odorless system will take care of all of that for you. 

The Throne is the fanciest toilet you will likely ever use! When it is time to upgrade your bathroom, consider going to Ecoair. How can you go wrong with all of the great features packed into The Throne? It is the only choice if you want the best in smart toilet technology!