When you live in a home with more than one person, chances are that you have gone to the bathroom ready to do your business only to find that the smell coming out of it is intolerable. Then you have to wait around until the smell dissipates, or your bladder bursts, whichever comes first. There is no type of spray or freshener that can adequately fix this problem, either. It is just something we all have to deal with. A smelly bathroom is also a deterrent for some potty-training toddlers, It was for mine; he refused to go into any bathroom public or private that had any sort of bad odor to it. What a pain! The hassle was unbelievable. 

Nobody likes a smelly bathroom. Unfortunately, this is one inconvenience that many of us live with day in and day out. Everybody goes #2, there is no getting out of it. And when you are ready to go get your hygiene routine  for the day, brushing your teeth and cleaning yourself, and you are hit by a wall of smell, it can be absolutely nauseating. There’s nothing so disheartening as going to take a shower to get all clean only to find yourself surrounded by unpleasant odors. But what if you could use the bathroom at any time during the day, regardless of who went in there last or when? Well, now you can do precisely that, without any #2 odor waiting to ruin your experience in the bathroom. How? With Ecoair toilets. Ecoair has made it their mission to provide you with a much more enjoyable experience; one where your bathroom doesn’t smell bad and you can bathe or brush your teeth or even go #2 in peace. How do they do it? The answer is odorless toilets. 

Odorless Toilets Make For a Healthier Home

Aschli Taylor, Chief Operating Officer at Ecoair, points out that it is about more than just fresher smelling air. It is also about our health. She said, “the beginning of bacteria and virus transmission starts in the bathroom when it exits the human body. Airborne fecal matter remains high for 30 min after bathroom usage.”

odorless toilet technologyThere are three sleek and elegant-looking designs of Ecoair toilets that you can choose from. One even has a heated seat, hands-free technology, and a temperature regulated bidet. They have a bold look and durable make. But how does it work, you may ask? Well, first you have the fan. This is situated on the overflow vent pipe in the tank of the toilet. There is a sensor that picks up when somebody sits down and automatically turns on the fan unit. The fan then pulls the odor away from the body and the bowl. See a quick video on how the fan works here! This is all possible because your body creates a seal once you sit down creating the necessary suction!

The process goes from start to finish without using chemicals, oils, or sprays. Genius, right? Ecoair toilets reduce harmful toilet air pathogens, deodorizes, uses only 3 watts of energy per year, operates quietly, and are easy to install. So not only are the toilets backed by science, with a team having found that the activated carbon filter in a similar odorless toilet captures about 99% of all air-borne microorganisms and pathogens in the toilet air, but they are also a green solution. Plus, Ecoair toilets are more affordable than you might think. There is even financing available! Don’t want an entirely new toilet, but want the pleasure of an odorless experience? Look no further than the Retro System that you can install with the toilet you already have at a fraction of the cost.

Stylish and Functional Toilets

With the lovely professional designs of each option, you can be sure to give your bathroom a makeover whenever you choose to install one. They are sure to matchThe Throne Odorless Toilet just about every theme and style of bathroom that you have, and they are also likely to inspire your bathroom design choices if you are looking to remodel any time soon. The company is located in beautiful Ammon, Idaho and can be found online at TheOdorlessToilet.com. At the website you can peruse the different looks and styles of each toilet option, learn more about the company, and read more about the financing options. They even have returns, shipping, and billing terms right there on the website.  

Nobody likes a lingering bathroom smell in their house, and the more people you have the longer it stays. So if you are ready for an entirely different look, feel, and smell to your bathroom experience, then consider buying one of Ecoair’s odorless toilets.