When you use a traditional toilet, you raise or lower the seat (depending), sit down, do your business, wipe, fix the seat again, and then flush and wash your hands. When you break the entire process down into steps and really think about it, that’s a lot of germs on your body by the time you are through. And if you think about it more, that’s a whole lot of airborne germs floating around waiting to settle on sinks, counters, toothbrushes, what have you. To think about the whole thing and the ramifications is staggering. There are plenty of diseases that are transmitted by hands that are not thoroughly washed after using the bathroom. Some of these include pink eye, Hepatitis B, Shigellosis, and Giardiasis. If there is one thing that the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 has taught us, it’s that we need to prioritize our hygiene and take care of our health. Now how can we do that when it comes to using the bathroom, which is an essential function we all go through multiple times every day?

The Throne Odorless ToiletThe answer is Ecoair. This company nestled in beautiful Ammon, Idaho produces toilets that are odor-free. But being odor-free seems like just a perk alongside what else the toilet can do. There are three sleek and bold designs that Ecoair makes. First, there is The Throne, arguably the most desirable as far as looks go. Then you have The Jon and lastly there is The Loo, both of which look almost just like traditional toilets. The Throne includes no-hands technology. Remember when we broke down the steps of using the bathroom and all the germs involved with it? The hands-free technology reduces the amount of germs collected on your hands  before and during the process of waste elimination, and that means that washing your hands will be more effective as long as you use proper washing techniques. This leads to healthier bodies.

Another feature of the Throne is a temperature-regulated bidet for your convenience. A bidet makes it easy to keep your hands out of the mess after you are done. It does most if not all of the cleaning for you, so all you need to do afterwards is dry. This also reduces the amount of germs on your hands after you are done. The bidet does its job automatically, so you don’t have to fiddle with a spout that you have to reach to get to. Everything is automated from the top down and that is a perfect way to ensure fewer germs on your hands, sinks, counters and the outside of your toilet. But what about all of the airborne pathogens and microorganisms? Well, this is where it gets really interesting.

An odorless toilet works like this: there is a fan unit placed on the overflow vent pipes in the tank of the toilet. The internal fan takes the air up into the tank. The fanOdorless toilets are healthier for your family initiates its action as soon as the person sits down on the toilet, creating the suction seal needed to cut down on escaping odors. Remember, this is a fully automated device, so it’s smart and it knows when to start and stop. The air that travels up the vents is full of harmful and frankly nasty microorganisms and pathogens. These little buggers are what cause the bad bathroom smell in the first place. Once the fan is activated and the seal created, the odor cannot escape, you don’t smell what is going on, and it makes for a much more pleasant bathroom experience than you may have ever expected.

This may seem like magic, but it is really science. And that is good, because without the system in place, all of those microorganisms and pathogens that we excrete from our body are free to land on whatever surface they may, just ready to spread disease throughout your home and family. So if you are like many others, and want to increase your protection against harmful germs, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your hygiene practices, or if you simply are sick and tired of being hit by a wall of bad smells when you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth or shower or whatnot, you should definitely purchase an odorless toilet from Ecoair. You will not be sorry!