For the eco-conscious, the amount of water that toilets waste can be a nightmare. Older toilets can waste as much as six gallons per flush. While newer toilets waste a lot less, around 1.6 gallons, that may still be too much.

The best toilets for the eco-conscious are smart toilets. These appliances can waste as little as 0.6 gallons per flush. Beyond that, there are several other benefits of this new toilet technology, including seat-warming, music-playing, and more.

However, should you purchase a smart toilet, you likely won’t know how to install it. If so, read on for a toilet installation guide.

Measure Your Old Toilet First

It can be frustrating to purchase a new toilet and find that it won’t fit in the old one’s space. To save yourself this inconvenience, make sure that you measure your old toilet before shopping for smart types of toilets.

Don’t just measure the length and width of the old appliance to do this. You should also measure the length of the waste pipe. To do this, measure the length from the wall to the toilet’s hold-down bolts.

Gather All Your Tools

After you’ve bought a properly-sized smart toilet, it’s time to gather all the tools that you need for the job. Any toolset should have the necessary screwdriver, drill, hacksaw, wrench, and tape measure that you need.

Beyond that, you may also need some toilet bolts and washers. Consider getting stainless steel or brass versions of these as they last the longest.

Assemble and Install the Toilet

After you’ve removed the old toilet and wax ring, fit a new wax ring in the base of the toilet bowl. Flip the toilet bowl over, lift it, and then place it down so that the ankle bolts poke out through the holes in the base. Sit on the toilet bowl backward for a few moments to seal the wax ring.

Place washers over the bolts to secure the bowl to the floor. Alternate tightening the right bolt and left bolt to ensure balance. Don’t tighten the bolts too tight as you can crack the porcelain.

Cover the bolts with the supplied caps. Then, place the tank on top of the bowl using the holes in the back of the bowl as a guide. Tighten the bolts on the bottom of the tank, but don’t make them too tight.

Install the toilet valve assembly in the toilet tank according to the instructions. Then reconnect the toilet to the water supply. Most smart toilets will probably also require you to place a plug in an outlet to power the electrical features.

Consider Ordering a Smart Toilet From Us

As you can see, installing a smart toilet can be a fairly simple process. However, if you do run into trouble, the customer service of the company you purchased the toilet from should be able to assist you. There should also be several tutorials online on places such as YouTube.

Also, when you’re ready to purchase a smart toilet, consider one of our models. They are quiet, odorless with our patented technology, and have features that will make your bathroom the talk of the town. Order within the continental United States and you’ll get free shipping.