For those who want to be clever about hygiene, then a Smart Toilet is for you! Everyone is switching to these technology-driven toilets! In fact, the global market for smart toilets is now currently valued at over $6 billion.

You might have some questions, though. What is a Smart Toilet? What are the benefits of using one?

This article is going to answer all your questions and more! So read on to find out all you need to know about smart toilets.

What Are Smart Toilets?

Smart toilets are toilets that have technology integrated into them. They are usually made with a clean, sleek ceramic bowl. The technology allows activation by voice, mobile application, or remote control.

These clever commodes have existed since the 1980s and have been popular in Japan. Now the features they offer are making them favorites across the rest of the world.

Smart Toilet Features

Advanced flush operation is one of the options smart toilets offer. They use auto flush or sensor activation. This is great for members of your household that might forget to flush. Many toilets also have automatic lids and seats, so you never touch a toilet again!

Heated seats are an amazing feature, especially during the winter. Adjustable temperature settings mean no more sitting on cold toilet seats.

Another feature of smart toilet technology is that they self-clean! Some models use robotic arms, whereas others use UV lights to keep things sparkling. This is safer for households with young children and pets, as they won’t be in contact with dangerous chemicals. Some toilets also have deodorizers to keep your bathroom odor free.

Smart toilets are also a lot better for the environment. They save from 35-50% more water than traditional toilets. The sensors in the toilet can detect whether water is being wasted. It will then adjust the settings to save water.

Overflow protection is a must for smart toilets. The sensors can tell if there are any blockages and will keep the eater level low before it is too late.

Having a bidet feature is also a great option. Bidets are very hygienic and clean you better than using toilet paper. The spray nozzles allow you to choose the pressure and the water temperature. Smart toilets also have an air-drying function, leaving you clean and dry.

Nightlights are also a popular feature. It can be difficult navigating a bathroom when you’re half asleep, so having a light sensor is helpful. These lights often have different color and brightness options.

Some toilets even have speakers built in. That way you can enjoy music or the radio whilst doing your business!

Smart Toilet Technology For You!

If you are doing a bathroom renovation and want to upgrade, choose smart toilets! They are the intelligent choice for a cleaner, odor-free bathroom!

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