People around the world enjoy a bidet as part of their daily lives. In many countries, they are a standard feature in modern bathrooms. Americans are a little behind the power curve when it comes to bidets. Today’s smart toilets often include a bidet feature, but not always. Bidets are money savers and create a more hygienic and cleaner bathroom experience. Here are a few reasons why you need a smart toilet with a bidet!

Bidets Save Money on Toilet Paper

Yes, it is true! You will still use some toilet paper, but you will not use nearly as much. If you normally go through a roll every couple of days, you may be able to extend that roll to a full week. It just depends on your bidet usage. According to an article on Business Insider, a bidet can save an average of 75% per year on your toilet paper budget. Do not forget how difficult toilet paper was to purchase for a period in 2020. Having a bidet would have reduced a lot of stress to those that have one!

Bidets are Good for the Environment

The production of toilet paper is resource intensive. It takes a lot of water and paper to produce this item to clean your butt! To produce a single roll of toilet paper, itThe Throne Odorless Toilet - Smart Toilet Technology takes 37 gallons of water and between one and two pounds of wood. That is for each ROLL! A bidet uses no wood and only a fraction of that amount of water. Some estimates put the bidet water use at 1/8th of a gallon per use.

Bidets are Cleaner and Healthier

Even the best toilet paper leaves traces of fecal matter behind. A bidet helps remove more of those bacteria, reducing the likelihood of needless rashes and infections. A bidet gives you the confidence of knowing you are clean. Beyond the obvious cleaning benefits of a bidet on your backside, your hands will also be cleaner because there is less likelihood of transfer of fecal material to your hands while cleaning yourself the traditional way.

Smart Toilets with Bidets

Smart toilets are becoming more popular than ever. Just like most “smart” technology, a smart toilet does things normal toilets do not do. If a smart toilet does not have a bidet, you must ask yourself “just how smart is this toilet?” The Throne and the Loo LT from Ecoair are smart toilets with bidets. Both contain a dual-phase self-cleaning massage with temperature control. That means your bidet experience is not only clean but comfortable! Not to mention that both of these toilets are also ODORLESS! They are the only odorless smart toilets on the market with bidets.

Is a Bidet Necessary?

The short answer is yes. It may not be required for our daily lives, but neither were smart phones 20 years ago. Once we realized what life was like without one, we had to have one in our hand 24 hours a day. The same will be true for Americans about the smart toilet. Soon, every home and business in the country will have a smart toilet. Hotels and motels will advertise them on the marquee the way they used to tell the world they had “Telephones” and “Air Conditioning”. The question is “will they have a bidet feature?” If they do not, then can they be called smart?