Smart technology is all around us. From phones and fitness watches to home appliances, lighting, security, thermostats, and even our toilets. Smart systems make our lives easier and, in some cases, healthier.

Many of the best smart toilets include features like motion sensors and touchless controls. You might find quiet-closing lids, heated seats, integrated bidets, high-efficiency flushing, and self-cleaning capabilities. But did you know that the smartest smart toilet also comes with odor-elimination technology?

If you’re in the market for a smart toilet, keep reading. The information below covers how this innovative feature works and the advantages it affords for any home or office. It will help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

How Do Odorless Toilet Systems Work?

Odorless toilets work by creating a negative pressure flow inside the toilet bowl. This captures unpleasant odors before they can escape into the bathroom. This means that, instead of emanating into the room, odors are captured and discharged through sewer lines.

Advantages of Odorless Toilets

There are many advantages of a toilet that can get rid of smells, beyond a more pleasant bathroom experience. It can make people more comfortable in office environments or any place with a shared restroom.

This goes for guests in your home. Odorless toilets are ideal for powder rooms or any bathroom near where guests congregate.

Odor reduction is the goal of bathroom fans. But these are less effective than toilet systems that directly address odor sources.

That’s because fans are often located on the ceiling or the other side of the room, giving odors a chance to disperse into the room. Also, running fans also can be an embarrassing option. This is especially true for bathrooms located near areas where people might gather.

Since smart toilets eliminate odors rather than masking them, there’s no longer any need for expensive air fresheners. Sprays and diffusers can give off strong scents and cause bathroom users to smell like them once they leave the room. They can also contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to breathe.

Finally, odorless smart toilets are good for hygiene. They not only keep odors from escaping, but remnants of waste when flushing as well. They increase the overall cleanliness of your bathroom, making it safer for everyone who uses it.

Learn More About Odorless Smart Toilets

Now that you understand how the smartest smart toilets remove odors, and the advantages that can bring, you can decide if one is right for your home or office. It’s a great way to freshen the air in any bathroom while producing a more enjoyable, healthier experience for your family, coworkers, or guests.

At Ecoair, our goal is to provide fresh, hygienic, enjoyable bathroom experiences by removing intrusive smells. Our odor-free toilets are quiet, easy to install and operate, and eco-friendly. Shop online or contact us to learn more.