Research shows that the market for smart toilets is about to explode. Experts believe that between 2022 and 2027, it will increase by $4.62 billion, registering a CAGR of 8.65%.

It is easy to understand why they are in demand because of the significant advancements from yesterday’s traditional toilet. As the name suggests, it’s brilliant because it functions according to the user. More than functional, it provides comfort and uses just enough water, saving one of Earth’s most precious resources.

Imagine that: a toilet that is designed for you. The concept of smart toilets is something to celebrate, and here is why.

What Is a Smart Toilet?

They have a ton of built-in features. Smart homes are embracing the smart toilet because you can get a heated seat, an automatic dryer, music to play, and more. Smart technology lets the toilet interact and connect with you.

Smart Toilet Benefits

You can save water with smart toilets. It uses the right amount of water with every flush. Plus, smart toilets are usually smaller than traditional ones, so they save space.

It is a brilliant option for the disabled and the aging population because they are much easier to use and highly hygienic.

Smart Toilet Price

They can be pricey but remember that they save water and can prevent unpleasant odors. Many smart toilets cost thousands, and they consume more electricity.

However, Ecoair offers odorless smart toilet systems ranging from $899 to $2,549. Another option is the Retro System kit, which you can install with most toilets to prevent odors, for $249.

Odorless Toilet System

Buying an odorless one is even more intelligent than getting a smart toilet. It’s possible with a built-in ventilation system, which discreetly and quietly removes odors from the toilet bowl. It discharges the smells into the sewer.

The odorless toilet system prevents annoying odors from spreading in the bathroom and other rooms.

Odorless Composting Toilet

Contrary to popular belief, composting toilets do not smell. While it is not an outhouse or port-o-potty, it has a similar system, making it odorless. Composting toilets are physical toilets that turn solid waste to compost through composting (including toilet paper).

The reason that typical toilets smell is that they combine solids and liquids together. To eliminate the odor, flush fast or use cleaning chemicals. Still, urine scale can build up over time.

A composting toilet, however, uses a urine separator. Because urine is separated from feces, it can be stored in a canister. This stops odors from developing.

Feces has an unpleasant smell when it is fresh, but the odor dissipates. Therefore, composting toilets eliminate odors because they have dry solids.

Prevent Odors and Redefine Expectations With Smart Toilets

You can get a more enjoyable experience from your bathroom. Ecoair has been helping customers remove intrusive odors and provide a fresh, hygienic approach with their smart toilets.

Our revolutionary product deodorizes, saves energy, and removes harmful pathogens. It can perform all of this with quiet operation. Contact the experts today at Ecoair to learn more.