The common toilet in American culture is practically an artifact at this point. It’s completely manual and only serves a single function. Other countries have toilets that not only self-clean but play music and have built-in bidets.

Now, you don’t need to look at smart toilets with a thousand specialized features. However, heated seats and an automatic flush can make your bathroom experience much more enjoyable and easier. It also looks great when you host any guests.

Here’s why you need an automatic toilet flusher and a toilet with heated seats in your house.

Benefits of Heated Toilet Seats

A heated toilet seat is one of the most popular options when people want an upgrade. They’ve been around forever, which is why smart toilets often include them as part of the package.

One of the reasons you need a toilet with heated seats is because it provides warmth. It’s a terrible feeling when you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and encounter the dreaded cold toilet seat. You end up wide awake, which makes falling asleep that much more difficult.

In addition, that extra warmth can do wonders for your circulation. It helps when your legs fall asleep or if you have any arthritic discomfort.

Benefits of an Automatic Flush

An automatic flush is a feature you’ll often see in places like businesses, airports, and the like. It helps to promote a healthier environment and increase efficiency.

At home, its main purpose is to lessen the number of bacteria getting moved around. Washing your hands usually comes after flushing, which means the handle is one of the most contaminated parts of the toilet. Even if you’re a man who can use the toilet without sitting on it, you’d still need to touch the handle to flush.

That isn’t to say you should skip washing your hands even with a motion sensor toilet. It just means you’ll end up with cleaner hands than otherwise.

What to Look For in a Smart Toilet

There are some features your new smart toilet should include in addition to an automatic flush and a heated toilet seat.

First, it may include a dual flush system. This type of system allows the toilet to choose a smaller or larger amount of water to deal with different types of waste.

A bidet should also come with a smart toilet. In addition to the water jet, the user should have the option to control its temperature and power.

Get the Best Seat in the House

Something as simple as a heated seat or automatic flush can make a huge difference in your bathroom. No more chilly ceramic shocking your system. Impress your guests with an automatic flush that can save you money on your water bill.

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