Did you know the first modern flushable toilet was invented in 1596? There have been incredible advancements since then.

One such advancement is the invention of a smart toilet. You may not know they existed, but they have great features and benefits that make them a wonderful addition to homes.

Keep reading to learn about the five smart toilet benefits.

1. Odor-Free

Are you sick of bad smells emanating from the toilet and invading the rest of the house? That wafting smell is also a sign of airborne fecal matter that could infect your family. Odor-free toilets can solve both problems for you.

An odor-free smart toilet has a built-in fan that pushes offending odors through a strategically placed vent. The process of eliminating odors occurs without using any chemicals, sprays, or oils. You can be confident that this is a green process that will eliminate any odor and airborne fecal matter.

2. Touch-Free

Installing a smart toilet means you never have to touch a dirty toilet again! There are sensors in the toilet that recognize when to flush.

Some smart toilets even come equipped with a seat and lid that automatically open and close. That means you can avoid having to touch any surfaces that are possibly germ-infested.

3. Self-Cleaning Functionality

If cleaning a dirty toilet sounds like your worst nightmare, you should consider a smart toilet. Most smart toilets have a self-cleaning function. The process can vary based on the specific kind of smart toilet.

Some versions use a wiper blade to clean themselves, while others just use water to clean the bowl. Some models use UV rays to wipe out any bacteria or parasites. Although the self-cleaning function is great, note that smart toilets need to be cleaned manually a couple of times a year to maintain pristine conditions.

4. Built-in Luxury Features

Smart toilets come with different luxury features depending on the model you choose. There’s the option for a seat warmer, where you can control the temperature based on your preference. They also come equipped with an LED bowl light.

Some smart toilets have the option of a built-in bidet. Most toilets with built-in bidets have a temperature control setting for the water and an air dryer with temperature control.

5. Water Savings

According to the EPA, the average family can save up to 13,000 gallons of water a year by replacing old toilets. A smart toilet can help you save even more.

Since they provide automatic flushing, smart toilets prevent over flushing. They also monitor the level of water and only use the necessary amount of water for a specific flush. Other toilets have a predetermined set amount of water per flush, which can be wasteful.

Ready to Switch to a Smart Toilet?

Now that you know about these five benefits of a smart toilet, are you ready to make the switch? From eliminating odor and germs to offering you luxury features, a smart toilet is a great investment.

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