Indoor plumbing has been around much longer than you may realize. As early as 3,200 BCE, the Sumerians had water pipes and a sewage system.

Since then, doing your business hasn’t changed all that much. Porcelain toilets have replaced logs over latrines, but the concept is still the same. That is until you make the upgrade to a smart porcelain toilet.

Are smart toilets really worth the investment for your daily trips to the John? Absolutely, yes. Keep reading for the three benefits premium porcelain toilets have to offer.

1. A Smart Porcelain Toilet Provides Ultimate Comfort

Sitting on a regular toilet has never been a comfortable affair. The seat is often too small, or slides around because the hinges are weak or broken. The cold porcelain makes you shiver, and you worry the whole time about how clean it really is.

A new toilet with smart features transforms a banal experience into one that’s a joy. The odorless system keeps away the bad smells, and the heated seat warms your derriere enough that you might stay a while.

You no longer have to use scratchy toilet paper that always seems to run out. There’s a built-in bidet that gives a self-cleaning water massage with warm water. It’s a luxurious experience from beginning to end.

2. It Keeps Things Hygenic

Part of the reason we hate toilets so much is because of how filthy they are in concept and practice. They gather dried urine under the seat, sediment rings in the bowl, and an accumulative feces smell over time.

You have to clean them every day, or they’ll quickly turn your bathroom into a pigsty. Unless, of course, you have a smart toilet.

An Ecoair odorless system is only the beginning of what a smart toilet has to offer for cleanliness. Its automatic flush keeps you from having to touch a dirty handle. And if someone forgets to hit the button, the toilet flushes automatically once you walk away.

Thanks to a dual-phase symphonic flushing system, everything goes down the drain and stays there. It’s less likely the bowl will get clogged or need a double flush to finish the job.

3. It’s Easy to Use

Anyone who’s been to Japan has been in for a wild ride when using their bathrooms. Japanese toilets are famous for having a slew of buttons whose picture labels don’t make sense. The one that looks like the bidet actually turns out to be the music button, making you feel even more foreign bathroom anxiety.

Premium porcelain toilets take the guesswork out of the equation. They’re intuitive and easy to use even for your first time. Guests to your abode will never have to stress about using your high-tech bathroom.

Get an EcoAir Toilet

A smart porcelain toilet is the game-changer you never knew you needed. It makes your time in the bathroom comfortable and ensures the ultimate hygiene. Best of all, it’s easy to use for anyone who takes a seat.

EcoAir builds distinctive odorless Jons with high-quality toilet materials. Drop by our shop and change your bathroom game forever.