Did you know odorless toilets existed? Odorless toilets do exactly what you would think, trap and eliminate bathroom odors. These toilets are much more efficient at eliminating smells than an overhead fan and don’t leave the bathroom smelling like air freshener and poop. The smell reduction is a great benefit but there are other reasons an odorless toilet is a smart choice. 

First, we can’t talk about odorless toilets without discussing the benefits of odor reduction. Odorless toilets take the embarrassment out of using the bathroom at a party or friends house. These toilets make a huge difference in how the bathroom feels and is a great way to keep your family happy. The embarrassment that comes from leaving a bathroom stinky is no longer a concern. 

Odorless Toilets Replace Air Fresheners!

Air fresheners can help mask the smell but people can often smell the underlying odor. Air fresheners really don’t hide what happened in the bathroom, odorless toilets eliminate odor so no one will know. Research has begun to come out that air fresheners are also not great for your health, eliminating these potential toxins with an odorless toilet is a great solution. Odorless toilets don’t cover up the smell, they eliminate it. 

Going to the bathroom is more peaceful when odors are at bay. If you have ever had a bad stomach ache you know that it is an uncomfortable experience but by reducing the associated odor the experience is more pleasant. Anytime you have to spend a prolonged period of time in the bathroom you have probably noticed that the smell really gets to you, an odorless toilet is a great way to cut down on your discomfort. 

Smart Toilets are Great for People with Health Issues

If you have a digestive condition an odorless toilet may give you some of your humanity back. People with IBD, colon cancer, Chron’s disease, lactose intolerance or other issues that may cause frequent bowel movements find that an odorless toilet really helps them save face. While we shouldn’t feel ashamed of our bodies it can still be embarrassing to leave the bathroom very stinky. An odorless toilet can give you the confidence that no one will know about your bathroom usage. 

The courtesy flush is a thing of the past. Odorless toilets don’t need a courtesy flush to keep the smell down. The courtesy flush also signals to the people around you that you are either done in the bathroom or pooping, if you are striving for privacy this strategy may backfire. No longer flushing the toilet twice when you use it saves water. This water savings is good for your water bill and the earth. 

Did you know that poop particles spray out of the toilet when you flush? Toilet spray is a very gross part of flushing but something you want to think about. This spray makes the bathroom smell but can also make you sick. If you have your toothbrush close by, toilet spray may even end up on your toothbrush. An odorless toilet helps to eliminate toilet spray and with a self closing lid your toilet will flush with the lid closed further reducing spray. 

Odorless Toilets are the Smart Choice

The odorless toilet is a smart choice for so many reasons but really the best reason to get an odorless toilet is for your own comfort. No longer having to spray air fresheners, buying expensive before you go sprays and worrying that people will know what you did in the bathroom is reason enough to get an odorless toilet. An odorless toilet is the perfect solution to bathroom odors because it doesn’t mask them, it eliminates them.