Did you know that the modern toilet was developed by a man named Sir John Harrington in 1596?

For as long as toilets have been around, they have experienced little innovation. This all changed in the 1980s when Japanese manufacturers decided to give the common toilet quite an interesting upgrade.

These initial products led way to what is commonly known as the smart toilet today. Continue to read to learn more about smart toilet technology and how it can change the future of health.

It All Started In Japan

Japan is well recognized for its technological achievements. Home to brands such as Toyota, Honda, Sony, and Nintendo, Japanese companies are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in a variety of industries such as automobiles, electronics, and video games.

The smart toilet industry is another industry that Japanese manufacturers have revolutionized. Japanese companies recognized that convenient features such as seat warmers and speakers for music could make the bathroom experience more pleasant.

The early smart toilets were indeed forward-thinking. While it took some time for the Japanese population to get used to the concept of a smart toilet, the products became more popular over time.

As of 2022, more than 75% of Japanese households have a smart toilet. This is a huge achievement in comparison to the small percentage of consumers who bought an initial smart toilet in the 1980s

Smart Toilet Technology Becomes Available in the U.S.

Smart toilet models began to emerge in the American market in 2014. Japanese businessman, Yoshiaki Fujimori, introduced a smart toilet line through his company’s American Standard Brands. Fujimori sawt to reenergize toilet design in a similar way to how Apple revolutionized the mobile phone.

Predecessors of the modern smart toilet included the Toto Widget, according to The Wall Street Journal. Toto, which was a leader in initial smart toilet design, began to sell products in America in the early 1990s.

The Evolution of Smart Toilets

Smart toilet features include:

  • heating
  • a bidet system that will spray water and clean your bottom area
  • Music speakers
  • Voice command
  • Auto flushing abilities

All of these features have been praised by customers. Smart toilet manufacturers are working on taking the smart toilet to the next level, however.

Future smart toilets will have health capabilities that can analyze urine and stool for certain conditions. While this advanced technology is still years away, smart toilets can become health devices comparable to smartwatches.

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