Is your bathroom giving you the blues? Whether it’s outdated appearances, mold and mildew, or simply not enough storage space, there are many reasons why it may be time to redo your most intimate space.

There isn’t a set time frame to designate when you should remodel. It is ultimately up to you to decide.

So, what do you need to do to transform your bathroom? Here is a handy bathroom renovation checklist you can use if you don’t know where to begin.

Consider an Odorless Toilet

When you have to “go” in someone else’s home or you share a bathroom, the last thing you need to deal with is an unpleasant odor. It can be awkward or downright embarrassing.

An odorless toilet might just be the perfect solution. The best toilets offer a combination of comfort, sustainability, and technology. Some odorless commodes even have features like speakers and seat warmers.

Odorless toilets include special ventilation technology, which will remove harmful odors from the air after you’ve done your business. Say goodbye to air fresheners and use an odorless toilet for a fresher experience.

Add a Walk-In Shower

If you find yourself not using the bathtub, then it may be time to upgrade to a walk-in shower. You will have more room to stand with less worry of slipping and tripping.

You can also add customized shelving or storage options to your walk-in shower. They will help cut down on clutter and give you easy access to all of your shower products.

If you feel a little cramped in your shower, consider adding in glass doors. They will open up a lot more space and give the shower a different feel.

Focus on Storage Space

Renovating a bathroom should include the necessary space for storage. Things like hygiene products and appliances can take up a lot of room if you aren’t careful.

Even if you think you do not have a lot of extra room, try combining some of your elements to create more storage. For instance, install a shelving unit above your smart toilet with essentials like toilet paper and extra hand soap.

Update Your Flooring

Your flooring can be one of the biggest indicators to consider remodeling a bathroom. Dingy bathroom tile can make the space look dirty and outdated.

Even if you don’t have the budget for fancy tiles, you can still find affordable options that will last for many years. Look at every design, from classic subway tiles to art deco for a funkier look.

Since flooring is a bigger expense and lasts a while, it is important to pick a design that will stand the test of time. Steer clear of trendier ideas that will look tacky in a few years.

Use This Bathroom Renovation Checklist Today

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